Through Our Eyes A través de nuestros ojos

Perspectives on 21st-century environmental and social justice crises Perspectivas en crisis del medioambiente y justicial social del siglo 21

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2018: South Fronteras (South Borders) 2018: South Fronteras

March-April 2018: Boston, Medellín
In collaboration with the National University of Colombia in Medellín and Emerson College
Marzo y abril del 2018: Boston, Medellín
En colaboración con la Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellín y Emerson College

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An Introduction: Proyecto Boston Medellín as Pedagogscape Una introducción: Proyecto Boston Medellín como pedagogscape

”A pedagogy that channels our study of these cultural flows into something we—as students, professors, administrators, and community members—can do with them.” By Tamera Marko Por Tamera Marko

Through Our Eyes IV at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii A través de nuestros ojos IV en Punahou School en Honolulu, Hawaii
About Through Our Eyes

This is a multimedia transnational exhibition produced and hosted by students, faculty and staff at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín and Emerson College in Boston. We seek—through translingual art and research writing—to complicate the rhetorical landscape of Medellín in the global imaginary. Our exhibitions feature photographs, video, written word and interactive multi-media installations. More than 150 Emerson students in Dr. Tamera Marko's First Year Research Writing classes at Emerson College have collaborated with 11 young emerging Colombian artists in the Universidad Nacional's departments of art and architecture to host four exhibits in three cities in the Americas. The youth communicate most of the year via Facebook and video-conference to bring the art and the artists to their debut in Boston and then back to Medellín again.

About the artists

In 1991, when the United States was bombing Baghdad—when these artists were babies— their home Medellín was the most violent city in the world. They were in elementary school when bombs were exploding throughout their city. They also went about their daily lives of school, friends, birthdays, and holidays. Now they are young emerging artists and students at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín. Their art seeks to understand, re-frame, remember, and reinvent themselves and their city. This is their debut in the United States.

Why are we doing this?

A note from director Tamera Marko

Hollywood movies, the media and the majority of academic publications tend to focus on Medellin and Colombia in terms of violence, narco- traffic, and poverty. I am an historian of youth movements in Latin America. I am director and co-founder of a bi-national historical memory project in Medellín. I have been teaching writing and community-based research projects for more than 15 years. I am the life partner and mother of a family who crosses borders with two different passports. My mission is to collaboratively channel the vast resources of U.S. and Colombian universities, art institutions, and community groups to empower bi-national human rights projects. These projects are about listening and seeing— exchanges that we hope lead to a deeper consciousness about the ways our actions affect each other, about the ways we move through the world.